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AoM TT cinematic directed and Created  by: The Vandhaal
Runtime: 8:50 minutes Released on 12-10-2006
Files size 51 mb wmv movie.... so stay cool

Welcome mortal....welcome in the realm of the god Poseidon. You show courage by travelling the vast Atlantic Ocean all alone. And this courage gives you the favor of Poseidon. He will tell you the secrets on how to explore his realm ..... an honour which only a vew mortals before you have been granted.

This tour movie is taken from the Age of Mythology the Titans Interactive eyecandy map created by the Vandhaal
Please check the Wonders of the Deep project page for more information and  download of the Interactive eyecandymap and various qualities of this movie. You can find the project page by clicking this link

NOTICE: Rightclick the video and select full screen if you preferre a full screen view
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