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AoM TT cinematic directed and Created  by: Tbarak (Tommyboy)  
Runtime: 5.19 minutes Released on: 11-08-2005

A release note from the creator:

I worked for many months creating the custom AOM:TT level "Restless" and it was to be my most complex and involving project up until September 2004. The project included an opening cinematic and a custom level. Unfortunately, around that time, my interest in AOM:TT waned, and the call of 3D game editors was just too great. I abandoned "Restless" in October of 2004 and thus ended my AOM: TT design career. In June of 2005 I was cleaning my hard disk and happened upon the "Restless" files. I remembered finished the opening cinematic for the level and decided to watch it for old time's sake. The memories of "Restless" poured back but unfortunately my interest in AOM was definitely gone. Seemed a shame for "Restlelss" (the level) to never see the light of day, especially since its about 85% done. And while the level likely will never be published, I decided to post the "Restless" cinematic as one last gift to the design community.

Tbarak a.k.a Tommyboy is also a Tsunami Studios member.
You can download the AoM tt scenario version from this movie here

Find screenies From Tbaraks cinematic here

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