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AoM TT Campaign version is released. Find some more trailers on the special Mars Pictures Production pages.


Trailer "The Arrival"
64 mn wmv file...stay cool during buffering
more info can be found on the project page

AoM TT cinematic directed and Created  by: The Vandhaal Music sound and voiceacting Created by Monty Python

O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of what happened after the Before-Time, after the Golden Age when the gods walked upon the earth with us. Let me tell you about the forgotten legend of the one who was called The Corruptor and about the true events which caused the downfall of the Egyptian Gods and the mighty Egyptian Empire of the mortals.

Feature lenght Aom TT cinematic

Find more information , teasers and screenshots in the AoM sector of the Vandhaal website or on the special Mars Pictures production website.

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