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AoM TT cinematic directed and Created  by: The Vandhaal
Runtime: 22  minutes Released in 2007

This is a low quality version of the enhanced fully voice acted DvD movie
It tells the tale of the first confrontation between Alberichs Nibelungen legions and the the Ruthless Gibichungen race.

You can download the Clash with the Gibichungen The Directors cut DvD from the project page
The In campaign version , released in 2005, is also still available for download from the campaign project page
This cinematic is taken from The Aom TT campaign The Ring of the Nibelungen act 1: The Rhinegold created by The VandhaalFind more information , screenshots and downloads on The Ring of the Nibelungen Campaign in the AoM sector of this website

NOTICE: Rightclick the video and select full screen if you preferre a full screen view
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