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AoM TT cinematic directed and Created  by: The Vandhaal
Runtime: 26 minutes Released on 1-8-2006

Imagine: A remote and lonely tiny island located somewhere in the  huge Atlantic Ocean...
Maybe this island could be the remains of the  Mysterious Atlantis...maybe not
Well now proceed further ...go deeper and further into you imagination : Just one single and lonely soul dwells around on this remote Island
Maybe it got shipwrecked , maybe it got punished by the Gods.....maybe not
So what will happen when on a certain day another  soul gets washed ashore of this island ? What will both creatures do ?

Well obviously this mini movie is no match for the complexity, artisitic dept and titanic scope of my Corruptor movie...but it is a nice little thing

This movie is also available in various download qualities...please check the movie download page for more info.

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