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Welcome in The Vandhaals Theater of the Mind. In this sector you can listen to audioperformances and watch movies.
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Sally and Angela
A tale of two hot blooded Italians with too many guns around

Directed and Created  by: Mark Wilkinson   Runtime: 12.01 minutes
Come get Some
Movie trailer: 4 Bitches on a mission

By:  Jason Grisom  Runtime  0.30 minutes.
On Raglan Road. An audioperformance.
An Irish poem  contributed by Glitch

By: The original Dubliners     Runtime 4.17 minutes
Lumiere & Company
A 52 second short film made by the brilliant director Peter Greenaway, for the Lumiere & Company collection of short films. It relates images from the origin of the Lumiere Brothers' first camera in 1895 to the present day.
Produced  by:  Peter Greenaway  Runtime  0,52 minute.
Deep in the icy mountains of the ural, the russian military is constructing the soldier of the next century. During a test run, the ultimate intelligent war machine decides to follow its own personal agenda.
Created  by:  Leif Arne Peterson  Runtime  3.11 minutes.

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The Rts theatre
This theatre is a permanent page for machinima movies made by The Vandhaal and friends. All cinematics in this theatre are created with Real Time Strategy games like for example Age of Mythology.  Thanks to all the contributers for submitting their stunning and fantastic work.