METAL AGAINST MEAT is part 3 of The Expanding Metal series. The Supreme Viceroy Ygu Gunray has send a small Droid force to a uninhabited world marked as planet 5E to secure the resources. But as the droids have set up 2 test drill mining cores they disburb something deadly which lives beneath the surface of the barren world........ will the hunter become the hunted???

You can play as the Trade Federation Droid army or The Shriii ( Relatives from the Ackley with a sence of intelligence)

METAL AGAINST MEAT is a 5 player game made for the cc rooms on the ms zone. Forces get upgraded by kills and reaching objectives.

player 1= Confederation= SHRIII hive 1
player 2= Trade Federation= Droid Force zx-2
player 3= Confederation= SHRIII hive 2
player 4= Trade Federation= Droid Force zx-4
player 5= Trade Federation= Droid Force zx-5Players 1and 3 team up against players 2,4,5

Map is very detailed and has personalized planet 5E location features
Individual upgrade of forces by kills and objectives
SHRIII forces controle one type of unit and get upgraded in a different way as the
Federation troops
Droid Forces start with a 2 hour time limit to win but can change this during the battle into a time limit for the SHRIII (read the ingame objectives)