METAL ON MAHON is part 1 of The Expanding Metal series. It tells the story of the Federations invasion of the ore rich world of MAHON...

You can lead the Trade Federation invasion forces into battle or defend the planet as the Mahonian forces.

METAL ON MAHON is a 6 player game made for the cc rooms on the ms zone. Forces get upgraded by kills and reaching objectives.

player 1= Naboo= Commander Siluura (Mahonian)
player 2= Trade Federation= Captain Z23-Y175
player 3= Naboo= Commander Boolan (Mahonian)
player 4= Trade Federation= Captain DNM-908
player 5= Naboo= Commander Trixto (Mahonian)
player 6= Trade Federation= Captain EEK-176
Players 1,3,5 team up against players 2,4,6


Map is very detailed and has personalized planet Mahon location and droid assault Tick features.
Individual upgrade of forces by kills and objectives
Droid Forces have a 2 hour time limit to destroy the interstellar sailships and win
Invisible forcefield protected areas