METAL CITY is part 4 of The Expanding Metal series. The Supreme Viceroy Ygu Gunray has send his droid invasion forces to the world of PALL. In no time the the battle hardened Droid army conquers the planet The last obstacle before ultimate victory is the Pallian capital city in which they go head on with the elite forces of The UBER BRAIN, the super intellectual leader of the world of Pall.....

You can play as the Trade Federation Droid army or The Pallian defenders

METAL CITY is a 4 player game made for the cc rooms on the ms zone. Forces get upgraded by kills and reaching objectives.

player 1= Republic= Sector blue (Pallian defenders)
player 2= Trade Federation= Droid Force x-1
player 3= Republic= Sector Green (Pallian defenders)
player 4= Trade Federation= Droid Force x-2
Players 1and 3 team up against players 2,4

Map is very detailed and has Pallian City location features
Individual upgrade of forces by kills and objectives
Pallians have other upgrade way then droid forces
Pallians have placed protective forcefields througout the city
Cut scene features and city destruction sequences
Hidden additional trade federation targets for extra upgrades
Droid Forces have a 2 our time limit to win