INVASION ON TROYO, Attack on sector H311 is a multiplayer battlescenario taken from the Hidden force campaign. It tells the story of one of the gigantic battles during the invasion of the planet troyo.

You can lead the New Republic invasion forces into battle or defend the sector as the Imperial/trade federation coaltion forces.

INVASION ON TROYO is a 6 player game for the cc rooms on the ms zone. Upgrades by kills and checkpoints ( reaching Objectives)

player 1 = Empire= Storm battalion SJ-3
player 2 = Rebels= Beta-5 invasion battalion
player 3 = Trade federation= Droid Force XY-376
player 4 = Rebels= Gamma-1 invasion battalion
player 5 = Empire= Storm battalion SJ-4
player 6 = rebels= Assault engineers battalion

-Map is very detailed and has personalized planet troyo location features
-Individual upgrades of forces by kills and reaching objectives
-Heroes for both sides
-New republic Invasion Force has a 2 hour time limit to win