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Welcome - and Hello to all!
We are happy that you finally found this place. The Age of Mythology campaign version of the Corruptor has been released on 22-01-2009. All Download locations can be found here and more download here. Find more download locations on The Vandhaal websites and forum....Enjoy the movie Guys & Girls!
In March 2005 - The_Vandhaal and M0nTy_PyTh0n - M0nTy_PyTh0n is a experienced music creators and Vandhaal a hobby scenario/machinima designer started a coop to create a little cinematic of 15 minutes...but this crazy project grew out of hand and the end result is a feature lenght, 130 minute long, movie The cinematics are arranged in the scenario editor of the game called "Age of Mythology - The Titans".Furthermore, complete new sounds, sound effects, voices and music were created and composed just for this movie - in feature-length - longer than 130 minutes. The Vandhaal thanks Ensemble Studios, for creating the inspiring original game: Age of Mythology. Furthermore The Vandhaal likes to thank all 25 Voiceactors who have added their dramatic magic to this movie. Find all their names in the credits of the Movie!

About the main participient movie artists:

He is just a hobby designer nothing more and nothing less (Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds, Age of Mythology - The Titans, etc.). He made some hobby projects here and there for these various game titels. The Vandhaal directed the Corruptor movie and created The cinematics, the story and all visuals for and around this feature-length machinima movie.He hopes that all enjoy it and have/waste some fun hours with it in their hobby spare time. Oh and remember.....a Vandhaal hobby project without grammar errors and typos is no real Vandhaal its only authentic if it has these features somewhere :-) The Vandhaal also personally thanks the 25 voiceactors again for their magic!

He is already known as a random map scripter, game designer and utility programmer for the game 'Age of Mythology - The Titans'. More than 40.000 map downloads were already counted on his accounts. Also, he started composing music a long, long time ago. The current sound and music creations and compositions for the feature-length movie "The Corruptor" will definitely top all of his former works.

check out the links above - for more informations, teasers, screenshots, artworks, etc. ... Enjoy!

July, 2008.

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