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"The Corruptor" - Movie Soundtrack Teasers
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Teaser 04:
(Flash Player 8 or higher needed!)

This flash movie above shows a sound effect "composition" (in sound editor view) of a fighting scene of 70 seconds.
Do NOT underestimate sound effects - they can be even more complicated than music ;) - Remember "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock...
I bet none of you ever recon that this movie has NO soundtrack at all - Hitchcocks great move to a new movie sound area!
Anyway, no sound effects for this movie were copied from any other game. The following one is a unique sound effect track!

The sound effect arrangements you can hear/see in the movie clip above
is in low quality (you hear 64 kbps mp3 only - the original quality is equal/above 128 kbps mp3).

For the final sounds of the movie scene the voices and the music will be separately added.