Game features.

- 8 playable and 10 full cinematic scenarios.
- Detailed maps with personalised location features.
- Mixed gameplay (rpg / ff/ b&d).
- Soundscore is based on leitmotifs just as the original opera.
- Rpg scenarios contain simple interaction like bying stuff.
- Rpg scenarios contain simple puzzles.
- Introducing a hero shapeshifting ability controled by the player.
- All playable scenarios contain cinematics.
- Some high detailed cinematics.
- Nice storyline with imbedded links to the next 3 acts.  (See the ingame highlight menu for the full story and/or   background information).
- 18 custom overlay pictures


The campaign is for Age of Myhtology The Titans only
SAVE the scenarios often and after every intro cinematic!!READ carefully everything !! ( read also the Read me file before installingTAKE your time as some scenarios have a long play time so I suggest you play them in more sessions !!EXPLORE carefully around. Some clues for later scenarios are given in earlier scenarios.PLAY concentrated as some scenarios can not be rushed through !!HAVE fun !! this is the most important thing.

If you have any questions or need some tips please post them in the Vandhaal forum !


 Game features
 Screenshots/ Artworks / Wmv movie & DvD
Screenshots / Artworks / Wmv movie & DvD.

Screenshots from this project can be found on the Aom screenshot pages of this website.

Artworks and more information on the main characters can be found on the Aom artwork pages of this website.

DvD & WmV movie
In 2007 a DvD from the Clash with the Gibichungen the directors cut has been released.
Besides this fully voice acted movie there is also still the original in campaign wmv movie available from Clash with the Gibichungen ( released in 2005).
Please check the Clash with the Gibichungen the directors cut project page and the Theatre of the Mind for the full voiceacted version and DvD

Download the Clash with the Gibichungen The Directors cut DvD from the  project page

Watch Clash of the Gibichungen The Directors cut streaming from the Theatre of the mind ( low quality)

Original in Campaign version released in 2005:

Download the crappy version. ( low quality 15 mb zipped file )

Download the normal version. ( a bit better quality 36 mb zipped file )

The download package is compressed with winzip.
Please make sure you read the included Read me file before installing the campaign.
If one of the above download links is not working for you please try the others.


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The Norns discover that their spinningwheel has made a knot in the Rope of is an ill Omen. The Dark Alba will rise. he will change the worlds of mortals...and gods...forever. In the end he even can cause the downfall of the Light Alba himself...

In a time lost to history, when the gods still walked among the mortals the powerthirsty Nibelungen Alberich  (a nightdwarf), steals the magical Rhinegold from the daughters of the Rhine. This act will change the worlds of the Gods, Titans, Spirits and mortals forever. With the powers this treasure holds he is finally able to fullfill his long last dream; to become the ruler of Nibelheim and the entire world. As Alberich and his legions start their tour of death and destruction he is not aware that he will play a key role in a deal between Wotan, the supreme leader of the gods, and the mighty Titans....The campaign will take you from the dark underground world of Nibelheim along the various races which live by the Rhine up into the realm of the gods themselves.......and back.You take controle of Alberich, his Generals and his legions as they proceed to meet their destiny....