O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of what happend after the Before-Time, after the Golden Age when the gods walked  upon the earth with us.

It was said that in the Golden Age  Osiris the great-grandson of Ra sat upon the throne of the gods, ruling over the living world as Ra did over the gods. He  was the first Pharaoh, and his Queen, Isis, was the first Queen. They ruled for many ages together, for the world was still young and Grandmother Death was  not as harsh as she is now. The ancient legend goes on and tells us about the evil Set and how he killed his brother Osiris, it tells how Osiris was resurrected  and how his son yielded the throne of the underworld to him and how he became the lord of the dead with his trustfull Son at his side as the Guardian of the  dead ....

But there is another , forgotten , legend.....which tells the true story of what happened after this Golden Age.. It tells the story of the accual events which caused  the downfall of the Egyptian Gods and the mighty Egyptian Empire of the mortals. It speaks about the one  who is called The Corruptor, how this Corruptor  killed his father and how he was punished by Ra for this action. The legend tells about how Ra turned his back on the mortals  and  how he  , thousands of  years,  later got confronted again with the Corruptor. It tells us about the ignorance of a Pharaoh and the brave  but desperate struggle of the people who lived  in the lands of Egypt.

So come and sit down brothers and sisters and keep the tale  I am about to tell in your hearts and give it to others, as I am giving it to you....
Movie features.

- 5 full cinematic scenarios (campaign style)
- High detailed movie sets with personalised location features.
- Underwater, space and air scenes
- Nice camera tracks
- Custom Composed music score
- Custom created music score
- Voice acting
- Custom sound sfx
- Feature lenght movie
- Nice storyline
- 5 custom overlay pictures


 Movie features
 Trailer download
 Screenshots/ Artworks

Screenshots from this project can be found on the Aom Corruptor screenshot pages of this website or on the Mars Picture Production page.

The movie will probably be released in different formats ( AoM scenarios/ WMV/ DvD/ etc) so just check back.


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"The Corruptor" is a cooperation project from The Vandhaal and Hyena Studios.

The Cooporation name is Mars Picture production.

Story, cinematics, map design, triggers and Visuals by:
The Vandhaal
Music composition, music creation, sound sfx and Voice acting by: M0nTy_PyTh0n ( Hyena Studios)

Please visit also  the special project page: Mars Picture Production and the Hyena Studios website.

 Visit also the Mars Picture production page
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