This is no Game scenario but custom menu background for the Age of Mythology the Titans game . It is inspired on the Interactive eyecandy map Wonders of the Deep.

Welcome mortal ....welcome in the realm of the god Poseidon.
You show courage by travelling the vast Atlantic Ocean all alone.
And this courage gives you the favor of Poseidon. He will tell you the secrets on how to explore his realm ..... an honour which only a vew mortals before you have been granted.

This custom menu background invites you into the realm of Poseidon, You see a casual day in this mysterious under water world....or maybe not so casual......the deep oceans are a bit disturbed...Poseidon....sinks some ships here and there.....or perhaps a naval battle is going on at the surface ..who knows ?
Menu features.

- Animated (looped)
- Deatiled Underwater location
- Special soundscore
- Custom lighting files and custom underwater ligting effects
- very relaxing


 Menu features
 Screenshots/ Artworks
 Download this AoM TT menu
Screenshots and more info

Screenshots from this project can be found on the Aom Wonders of the Deep screenshot  album in The Vandhaal Gallery

For more info please check my forum and the Wonders of the Deep Interactive eyecandy map page:
Find the Wonders of the Deep menu showcase here
Find the Wonders of the Deep Interactive eyecandy map download page here
Find my Wonder of the Deep forum showcase thread here
Find my Wonder of the Deep forum showcase thread here
Download this AoM TT menu.

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The file has a size of 768 kb

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"Wonders of the Deep" AoM TT menu background  is  completly created by The Vandhaal
Thanx to all the guys from my private forum for testing...special Thanx to Paperfriend for his good help and suggestions