Imagine: A remote and lonely tiny island located somewhere in the  huge Atlantic Ocean...
Maybe this island could be the remains of the  Mysterious Atlantis...maybe not

Well now proceed further ...go deeper and further into you imagination : Just one single and lonely soul dwells around on this remote Island
Maybe it got shipwrecked , maybe it got punished by the Gods.....maybe not

So what will happen when on a certain day another  soul gets washed ashore of this island ?
What will both creatures do ?
Movie features.

- Ultra short mini movie
- Not available as AoM tt scenario file
- Available in various other formats which can be viewed outside AoM
- Use of and inspired on a unit animation which is impossible outside the Editor ( without modding)
- No fancy camera tracks and other difficult stuff but straight forward FUN
- Well thats basicly it
- I recommend to consume some nice white whine while watching this little movie


 Movie features
 Screenshots/ Artworks
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Screenshots from this project can be found on the Aom Brass Monkey screenshot  album in The Vandhaal Gallery
Watch or download this movie.

This movie is available in farious formats
To download please Right click the link and select : save target as

Notice: The Uber quality file ( 1,3 GB avi file) is suitable to burn on a DVD and televison lookback. Always relaxed when you can watch this little feature with some popcorn and drinks in front of your television !
Some of The download packages are compressed with winzip.
If one of the above download links is not working for you please try the others.


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"Brass Monkey" is directed and created by The Vandhaal

Recording and  procuction by The Vandhaal

Music by: The Beastie Boys