General Game related  Links:

 Tsunami Studios. The Vandhaal is member of the Tsunami studios. A game design Studio which covers games like Aok and Aom. Check out the games and projects the other members of Tsunami have created

 TSuniversity ( TSU). This is our online university dedicated to scenario design. It contains a comprehensive library of articles, tutorials and resources for scenario designers.

Gaming Extremes. Pacos gaming information page Elpeas main site
The Vandhaal projects information sites:

The Ring Of The Nibelungen act 1: The Rhinegold

A Synopsis from Das Rheingold. Check here to learn more about the original story on which the Vandhaals campaign is based

Richard Wagner website. The work and live of the German composer Richard Wagner.

Fritz Langs Movies about Die Nibelungen. A review about this great movie from Fritz Lang .

The Ring Of The Nibelungen. The 2004 movie

The Opera. Buy the original music (Full version) Check als Google for more results.

The Corruptor

Mars Pictures productions. The coop website of Monty Python and The Vandhaal
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General Game related Links
The Vandhaal projects information sites
Real Time Strategy scenario, mod designers and clans
Age Of Mythology general sites
Mythology resource sites
Official AoM sites
StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds and other general sites
Official Swbg and StarWars sites
Machinima creators and directors
Machinima info and resource webistes
Other sites
Age of Mythology general sites:

Age Of Mythology Heaven. Information, download and resource site.

Planet Age Of Mythology. Information, download and resource site.

AoM Files. Information, download and resource site.

German Age Community. Information, download and resource site

Eso Fropco An ESO Stats query service, offering detailed player stats, full AoM and AoM:TT support, real time data, and many more features.
Real Time Strategy scenario, mod designers and clans:

 JML. Website of the creator of Regi's Way.....loads of screenies and movies here..and lots of Girls, magic & love here

Rts Holland. Dutch Rts website...ran by a couple of great scenario designers

Tsunami Studios The Vandhaal is member of the Tsunami studios. A game design Studio which covers games like Aok and Aom. Check out the games and projects the other members of Tsunami have created

TSUniversity ( TSU) This is our online university dedicated to scenario design. It contains a comprehensive library of articles, tutorials and resources for scenario designers.

Noch eine Aom Seite. This is Reyks Aom page. It contains a lot of informtion on all the Age of games like for example AoM, AoE3 and his famous editor and other mods

King Jared. A Tsunami Studios member,  His host has decided to remove his webpage, the link leads to his album in the vandhaal gallery

Oscar.  AThis link leads to oscar his album in the Gallery

MaceHead.  A Tsunami Studios member. His geocities webbie is gone link leads to his album.

Purple Design Studios .Purple design Studios is a scenario and modding team for various game titels like AoM TT check out their awesome stuff!

Wildfire Games: 0 A.D Creators of the awesome free RTS game: 0 A.D. check it out! Wildfire Games: 0. A.D. forums

DGDN Dragon Gaming Design Network is a sister scenario design team from Tsunami Studios.

Eye Candy Guild A webbie about Eyecandy for AOM & scenario design in Aoe3 kinda sucks they have filled in the gab by focussing on just eyecandy for the game.

Cyber Samurai clan This Rts Clan is into games like AoM and AoE3...Webiste features a couple of great Encyclopedia

Tbaraks (a.k.a Tommyboy ) website This is Tbaraks website which contains info about his AoE 3 project: The Trails and also his other Rts and game design stuff ( like for example AoM ). Tabarak a.k.a Tommyboy is also a Tsunami Studios member. Check Tbaraks other Rts webbie here

Mago Merlino ( a.k.a Grande4) The truly amazing Rts scenario design world of the Italian Master Mago Merlino himself....webbie is in italian but for those with some brains no problem to understand and easy to navigate

PFTQ Pftq webbie contains his Rts scenario design creations, movie projects and a lot more

Star Clan Star Clan is a group of Mainly Australian online gamers who play games like AoM TT and AoE

Nottud's Creation Great Rts webbie from Nottud...features his many discoveries for AoM

Guardian of Isis The Age of world of Guardian of Isis
Mythology resource sites:

Encyclopidia Mythica. A good encyclopidia on Myths, legends and folklore.

Atlantia. A German information page about the Myth of Atlantis.

Das Schwarze netz. A German bestiarum on Myhtology.

Germanic Mythology  Links to the REAL this site for much more myth info

Skaldenmet A german site with a vast collection of Asatru poems, written by the site-owner and other autors.

Loki's Germanische the name says A german webbie about Loki and other Myths

Cyber Samurai Norse Myhtology Encyclopdeia A good encyclopdia on Norse Myth stuff Mythology includes the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, informations about norse gods, creatures, heroes, sagas and much more ....

Cyber Samurai Celtic Myhtology Encyclopdeia A good encyclopdia on Celtic Myth stuff Mythology. A datebase of celtic gods, goddesses, heroes and much more.

Ancient Egypt: The Myhtology information about the gods, goddesses and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people.
Official Aom sites:

Ms Aom site. Microsofty site on AoM. Ensemble Studios. Es is closed down and their website is gone but this link leads to their webbie on the Waybackmachine

Official Age Community.. Mainly for Aoe3 but in the Legacy Games forum you can find AoM TT stuff. Set up by Ensemble Studios and after their closing ran by Robot entertainment

AoM the board game. A Age of Mythology boardgame
StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds and other  general sites:

StarWars Galactic battlegrounds Heaven.  Information, download and resource site.

Galactic Voyage. general StarWars information site.

Adomas his Star Wars Galactic Battleground website Adomas has set up a nice SwgB The Clone wars website with recordings, torunaments and a lot more stuff around this great game!

GameSpy arcade Another place where you can play Swgb online !

GIF clan The one and only !! This clan has been around for a loooong time and althought it was started within just the Swgb univers it has spread to a lot of other games. Nowadyas they seem to be inactive. The link leads to their first website ever In this Vandhaal forum thread you can find more links to Gif sites
Official Swbg and StarWars sites:

Buy Swgb Saga at Since Lucas Arts has declared SwgB abandonware they have removed it from their can buy it at Amazon. And ofcoursejust google it up

Lucas Files. Official Lucas Arts download site Official StarWars site
Machinima Creators and Director:

Brittanica Dreams Productions.....Kheri & Michelle have created some fine machinima movies. There websites contains also a large amount of usefull information, resource links and a forum...check them

Jovial Productions. Another machinima creators webiste.

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Other sites:

JML main webbie.....his real stuff...its even better then the game thing

Bump in the night. Wandas artwork website.

Xero. Xeros personal website with news about him , his stuff and his adventures around the web

Shah Creations. Kevin Shas would be rts website (for ever under construction but it plays a nice tune)

Tinusss Personal webbie of this former Rts designer

Machinima info and resource websites: resource and info webbie, tons of movies and fora for various game engines

Academie of machinima Arts & Science. Official website from the Machinima Academy stuff.

Machinima Deutschland. German machinima resource and info webbie

Machinima Premiere. Great and good machinima resource and info webbie

Machinimamag. The magazine for everything machinima

The Intenet Archive. This link leads to the machinima section of this huge archive...check also for regular movies and a lot of other things.....the internet archive has also the wayback machine archive